Easy Reading is Damn Hard Writing

Working on my Agent Query letter. This is what I have so far:

Cassandra Rose is a former child prodigy who won dozens of trivia contests, spelling bees, and brain bowls as a girl. After having a nervous breakdown at the age of 12, she spent the next 5 years being home schooled in solitude.

Now, socially starved and desperate to prove she is not crazy, she’s determined to fit in at university. And her admission to tiny Calvary College seems like the perfect escape. But when Cassandra starts to see strange lights and even stranger creatures in the forest surrounding campus, she once again questions her sanity.

It is only when the bodies start piling up that Cassandra realizes something is horribly wrong. But will anyone believe her?

Cassandra must face numerous trials during her first semester at Calvary: from going to her first frat party, to getting her first kiss, to tracking down the vile creature that has been stalking and killing her new friends.


2 thoughts on “Easy Reading is Damn Hard Writing

  1. Hi Rishonda – have you ever done the James River Writers Conferences? A few years ago I attended one, and the chief thing I took away was that an agent gives you at most a couple of lines to make your case. Can you distill this even further?

    (I know, everyone’s giving you advice. It just sounds like a terrific premise and I’d like to see come across the Williamsburg Library desk in print!)

    1. Hi Andrew- Thanks for the tip! I’ve spent some time working on my elevator speech, and hopefully I can bring the summary down to a single paragraph. One I find a publisher, I’ll make sure the Williamsburg Library gets a signed copy 🙂

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