Thoughtful Thursday!

Thoughtful Thursday!

In the movie Kobe Bryant: Hard to the Hoop (2000), Kobe Bryant said that, “What I’m doing now, I’m chasing perfection.” A lot of writers do the same. Have you every slaved over a paragraph, writing it again and again, waiting for the words to be just right? Have you ever put your work off, waiting for inspiration, because it’s not “perfect?”

The difference between us and Kobe Bryant is that even though he falls (well short) of his goal of perfection, he still goes out there and plays games. He can’t wait until he makes 100 percent of his shots, he has to keep training, keep throwing, and sometimes keep missing the hoop.

We have to keep writing. We have to keep moving forward. We have to let go of our old work, because even though it’s not perfect (and it will never be perfect), there’s still someone out there who will love it.

Remember that writers write, and waiters wait, and if perfection is your goal, you will be waiting for a long time.


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