Seraphim (PItch)

SeraphimSeraphim is the first novel in the Ashes of Angel’s series. This pitch made it through the first round of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

When a former child prodigy tries to start a new life at a small town college, she discovers her deadly past isn’t so easy to escape.

Cassandra Rose won dozens of trivia contests, spelling bees, and brain bowls as a girl. But after having a psychotic breakdown at the age of 12, she spent the next 5 years being home schooled in solitude. Now at 17, Cassandra is socially starved and determined to fit in. Enrolling in tiny Calvary College seems like the perfect escape, but when Cassandra starts to see strange lights and winged creatures in the forest surrounding campus, she once again questions her sanity.

Only this time, the demons might not be in her head.

Our heroine must face numerous trials during her first semester at Calvary: from going to her first frat party, to getting her first kiss, to tracking down the creature that has been stalking and killing her new friends.

Seraphim is a story about the angels and demons that walk among us. It combines the awkwardness, excitement, and natural fear most young people feel when they leave home for the first time with the very unnatural horror of realizing that monsters do exist, and they might be out to get you.


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