Thoughtful Thursday!


So this week, I discovered I was guilty of making the biggest (and most amateurish) mistake a writer can make. Last Sunday, I woke up in the mood for a little writing. So I went to my computer, stuck in my flash drive, and… nothing.

The drive had simply died.

It happens. But here’s my mistake. Genius that I am, I did not back up much of my work. Several years of writing were stored on a $10 flash drive dangling from my keychain, and when it broke I was SOL.

The news is not all bad. Having to recreate some of my work may give me a new perspective on some things (at least that’s what I tell myself to keep from punching through the wall). And it is a very valuable lesson.

I still keep all my stuff on a keychain. But now, in addition to ‘Thoughtful Thursday’, I have something called ‘Saving Sunday,’ where I copy the contents of my flash drive onto my hard drive. Because really, nothing lasts forever.


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