Suzan McKenzie, “Minuet and Seranade”

Suzan's book, "Minuet and Serenade," was published February 6th, 2014.
Suzan’s book, “Minuet and Serenade,” was published February 6th, 2014.

Suzan is the author of “Minuet and Serenade,” which was published on February 6th, 2014. You can purchase her novel HERE.

My Review: “A Sweet Love Story” (Four out of Five Stars)

Imagine living your entire life believing you were part of a normal family, then, upon the death of your grandparents, finding out you have a price on your head? Taking us from the West Coast, to West Virginia, to finally France, this story of two sisters coming to terms with their own past and their family’s history is a tale of secrets and discovery, of love and loss, and of the power of faith to overcome war.

The best part of ‘Minuet and Serenade’ was the love story between the girl’s grandparents, Jean and Marie. While these two characters are dead before the actual story begins, the author skillfully manages to blend the past and present, using letters, videos, and first hand accounts. I feel the book would have been improved by focusing more on that aspect of the story, especially the years between the war ending and the deaths of Min and Sera’s parents.

Ultimately, the book is a sweet tale of family and love, with an ending that will warm you, and just may bring you few tears.

What is the novel about?

Minuet and Serenade is the story of two sisters searching for information about their deceased grandparents. Their journey takes them from California, to West Virginia, to Canada, and finally to France. Along the way, they uncover the truth about their grandparent’s work for the French Underground, and realize that “even the loved ones you think you know have secrets.”

A little bit more about Suzan:

Suzan is no stranger to being published. She studied journalism at San Jose State University and has written columns for the Whidbee News Times and other publications.

What makes the book distinctive?

Minuet and Serenade was written with two story lines, the first one being present day. The second takes place in 1940s France, and Suzan skillfully merges the two into a single tale. The novel is a truly ambitious undertaking for a first time novelist, and her risk taking leaves the reader well rewarded.

What are some of Suzan’s favorite authors/books?

Suzan loves The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, as well as the Still Life series by Louise Penny. She’s also a fan of Elizabeth Grande, G.M. Ford, and Donald Westlake.




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