The 10 Emotional Stages of Writing Your First Novel





Stage 1. Excitement

You can write about anything. The possibilities are endless. Talking unicorns….in space? Totally doable. A love story between two iPads that’s really a metaphor for America’s obsession with the Kardashians? Next bestseller.

Stage 2. Commitment

Nope, you can’t make happy hour this week, you’re writing your novel. All the books on writing say you have to set aside a few hours every day to write, but wouldn’t the best novelist set aside all the hours?

Stage 3. Frustration

This is not turning into the next Harry Potter at all. You were pretty sure writing it in iambic pentameter was a strong bold choice, but maybe you were wrong. You might also have been wrong about naming all the characters after popular apps. And the love triangle between Kiki, Tinder and Yo isn’t working at all.


We’ve all been there, so I just wanted to share this cute little article (Although it’s just as much GIFs as words) by Molly Horan

I’m sure there are actually 10 stages, but it seems like I’m forever stuck in Stage 8, Exhaustion. You can read the rest of the article here.



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