J.K. Rowling on Anxiety and Depression

So I love this story. Not just for the awesome and loving advice coming from someone who has inspired so many people and changed so many lives, but because the people who reach out to Ms. Rowling feel her stories so deeply that it gives new meaning to their mental afflictions.

On Anxiety:

"I'm a Gryffindor but my anxiety keeps me from being a true Gryffindor a lot recently," the fan wrote. "Am I still a Gryffindor despite that?"

On Depression:

"Could you please teach me how to scare the dementors that have been living under my bed?" the fan wrote on Twitter. "I'm tired of being sad all the time."

To which Ms. Rowling replies (on anxiety):

And J.K.'s response was almost as wise as Dumbledore's would be.

And depression:

JKR wrote back just 10 minutes later, with some incredibly wise words:

What a lovely human being. Thank you Ms. Rowling, for everything.

More on this story can be found on Buzzfeed.


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